Enterprise introduction

Zhejiang Liwei Fuel injection Co., Ltd. ¨C the former Zhejiang Antuo Fuel Pump and Nozzle Co., Ltd. ¨C was founded in 1967. As a technology-intensive enterprise, Was also a state-level II enterprise and a state-level II measurement enterprise. It is a professional manufacturer of fuel injection system products that has been designated as a fixed-point manufacturer of key components of locomotive internal-combustion engine fuel system by Ministry of Railways and precision parts of diesel engine fuel system by the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Equipments.

The enterprise covers a floor area of 22,000 square meters with a building area of 18,500 square meters. Among over 200 employees, there are more than 50 junior and senior technicians and 10 more external experts and technical advisers ¨C an innovation team that combines R&D and application. Liwei owns all kinds of high-grade, precision and advanced manufacturing and measuring equipments imported from Germany, Switzerland, the US and Italy. With advanced equipments, a strong technical force and a provincial enterprise technical center, the production capacity of   Liwei is the first-rate in China in terms of development design and independent innovation.

Its main products include: three precision parts of railway internal-combustion engine fuel system (injection nozzle, delivery valve and plunger piston); two assemblies (injector assembly and injection pump assembly); Injector assembly and nozzles for automobile, engineering machinery (above Euro III and common-rail injection nozzles), marine use, electric generating set and agricultural diesel engine.
Pumps and nozzles for agricultural diesel engine are exported to countries in Southeast Asia and Middle East and have been well-received.

Having developed for more than 3 decades, pumps and nozzles for railway locomotives have evolved into over 40 products, matching eight models at home and abroad, which are DF4, DF4D, DF7, DF8, DF11, DF11G, Beijing and ND2. Among all the products sold to various rail administrations and locomotive main engine plants, the three parts and two assemblies of DF8 internal-combustion engine fuel system together with locomotive won the first prizes of scientific and technological progress of Ministry of Railways and of the state respectively.

Above Euro III and common-rail injection nozzles are high-grade, precision and advanced parts for automobile, which apply to fields such as automobile and engineering machinery. Liwei has introduced globally advanced manufacturing and measuring equipments and adopted international standard technologies and equipments for production. Liwei is able to mass-produce Series P that comply with Euro III and Euro IV and high-pressure common-rail injection nozzles, both of which are reliable and can meet the demands of main engines and parts markets at home and abroad.

Liwei pays great attention to technological innovation and is committed to R&D of new products and cultivation of its technological force. A long-term and stable relationship of production, learning and researching has been forged with a number of institutions of higher learning and research institutes. Fruitful results have been achieved through various R&D co-operations on new technologies and products. As an ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 approved enterprise, Liwei has been certified as State High and New Technology Enterprise, Provincial Medium and Small Enterprise Technological  Center and Patent Demonstration Enterprise on District Level, with leading products having obtained seven national patents.

Depending on a regional advantage of Yangtze River Delta, a timely grasp of market demand trend and a continuous endeavor for innovation and change, Liwei, with social responsibility and enterprise value on its should and Ħ°quality is the key to survival, development and profitĦħ as its quality policy, is committed to becoming an excellent enterprise in fuel pump and nozzle industry.